Preparations for Tet on Truong Sa are in place

Preparations for Tet on Truong Sa are in place - ảnh 1
Soldiers are preparing for Tet
Photo: GiaoDucVietNam

All necessary preparations for a pleasant Tet on Truong Sa Island have been in place. Earlier, 3 ships containing hundreds of goods and necessities for Tet have arrived on the island. In addition, soldiers and local residents have grown themselves vegetables and raised animals for food. Performances have also been prepared to ensure a happy and joyful celebration. Lieutenant Nguyen Van Thu from D-region Naval Command said: “We have prepared an altar with the photo of President Ho Chi Minh, a tray of 5 fruits, parallel sentences and of course a branch of peach blossoms and apricot. Some islets even have beautiful kumquat trees. The Spring atmosphere is pervading the air. At the same time, we stay vigilant and ready to protect the sovereignty of the island at any time”.