Program promotes Dak Nong avocados

(VOVWORLD) - A program called “Dak Nong in Ripe Avocado Season” is promoting Dak Nong province’s specialty fruit to the international market. 
Program promotes Dak Nong avocados  - ảnh 1

The opening ceremony of the program “Dak Nong in Ripe Avocado Season”.

Dak Nong has one of the largest avocado producing areas in Vietnam with nearly 2,600ha and an average output of 15 tonnes per hectare.

The program includes a trade fair, a seminar on ways to grow avocados sustainably, and an avocado competition. Ms. Le Thi Ly Ly of Gia Nghia town, said: “I’m amazed by the variety of avocados. I hope the program will connect local farmers with outlets for their products”.