Red-Shirt protestors to counter “occupy Bangkok” plan

(VOVworld) - Thailand's pro-government Red Shirt activists said Friday they will hold rallies across the country this weekend. They are attempting  to counter the anti-government protesters' move to occupy Bangkok scheduled for Monday.

Red-Shirt protestors to counter “occupy Bangkok” plan - ảnh 1

Vorachai Hema, a former Pheu Thai Party Member of Parliament, said he would lead people in suburban Samut Prakan province to rally at the provincial hall on Sunday before moving to an as yet unannounced destination. Meanwhile, in the province of Nonthaburi, a group of Red-Shirt protestors will gather at the satellite stadium ThaiCom before reaching the provincial headquarters and the centre markets. Another Red Shirt group, to be led by Prachuab Ramsoi, will gather at Pathum Thani province on the outskirts of Bangkok the same day.
On Friday, Thailand’s Electoral Council submitted a letter to Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, suggesting the cancellation of the general election scheduled for February 2nd, amid fears that this election could lead to many complicated issues. Prime Minister Yingluck affirmed Friday that the government is capable of controlling any possible situations on Monday. However, she expressed her concerns over recurrent violence ignited by a “third party”.