Russia, US share similarities on Ukraine and Middle East issues

(VOVworld) - US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin met on Tuesday on the sidelines of the 70th session of the UN General Assembly in New York.

Russia, US share similarities on Ukraine and Middle East issues - ảnh 1
President Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin at UN's headquarters on September 28, 2015
in New York City. (Photo: Getty)

Mr. Putin said after their 2-hour talk that then shared many similarities on the situations in Ukraine and Middle East and agreed on the need to increase bilateral cooperation between Russia and the US and establish a mechanism for this cooperation. President Putin said the talk took place in an open manner toward possible coordination to deal with common issues.

Earlier, the two Presidents both delivered speeches to the UN General Assembly, where they voiced different approaches to the Syrian situation.

Mr. Obama called for a transitional government in Syria without incumbent President Bashar Al-Assad, while Mr. Putin said it will be a big mistake if the international community does not cooperate with the current Syrian administration in the fight against terrorists.

President Putin said only the Syrian people, not the President of the US or France has the right to decide the fate of President Al-Assad. He insisted that he will never send Russian ground forces to join military operations against the IS in Syria.


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