Second round of NAFTA talks begins

(VOVWORLD) - The United States, Mexico and Canada dove into the details of revamping the North American Free Trade Agreement at a second round of talks on Friday, amid threats from President Donald Trump to axe the deal.
Second round of NAFTA talks begins - ảnh 1

Gathering at 25 separate roundtables, one for each topic on the agenda, the delegations began hashing through subjects including e-commerce, the environment, anti-corruption measures, investment and access to property markets. In response to Trump’s withdrawal threat in order to achieve priorities for the US, Mexico said it’s ready to leave the table and implement plan B in case NAFTA collapses.

Juan Pablo Castanon, president of Mexico’s Business Coordination Council, said Mexico’s Plan B includes new trade arrangements in other markets, sourcing alternate suppliers, and finding ways to recreate investor guarantees.

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