South Korea: North Korea almost completes Musudan missile launch

(VOVworld) – North Korea is preparing a second launch of one of its powerful mid-range Musudan missiles, capable of reaching US military installations in the Pacific. The first launch 11 days ago was a failure.
South Korea: North Korea almost completes Musudan missile launch - ảnh 1
The underwater test-fire of strategic submarine ballistic missile is seen in this undated photo released by North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency in Pyongyang, April 24, 2016.
(Photo: Reuters/KCNA)

On Tuesday Yonhap News agency quoted an unnamed South Korean official as saying that the South’s military was picking up signs indicating that the North will launch the Musudan "in the near future." According to the Yonhap sources, North Korea had prepared two Musudans for the first test, but the second missile was called off after the first failure.    

On April 15, North Korea tested a Musudan missile, which may have the ability to reach Guam and Alaska's Shemya Island. The South’s army called the test a failure when the missile fell off of their radar screens shortly after launch. This was the first time that North Korea has launched a transportable ballistic missile.

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