South-East Asia - Chinese’ favorite destination in “Golden week”

(VOVWORLD) - South-East Asian countries are one of the top outbound destinations of Chinese people during the “Golden week”, the China Tourism Academy (CTA) reported. 
South-East Asia - Chinese’ favorite destination in “Golden week” - ảnh 1 Chinese tourists visit the coastal city of Nha Trang, Vietnam (Photo: VNA)

CTA’s figures showed that Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines are 6 of 10 most favorable destinations by Chinese people on their one-week National holiday from October 1 to 8. 45% of Chinese tourists chose ASEAN countries for travelling, which made the number of flights between China and those countries increased sharply to more than 2,700 per week.

ASEAN countries have also eased visa policies for Chinese tourists, with 9 countries applying visa exemption and visa issued at the border gates. 

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