Spanish government rejects Catalonia’s election

(VOVworld) – Catalan separatist parties won a majority of the seats in regional parliamentary elections on Sunday, which they had billed as a plebiscite on secession from Spain.

Spanish government rejects Catalonia’s election - ảnh 1
People hold "Esteladas" (pro-independence Catalan flag) during celebrations of Catalonia's National Day (Diada) on September 11, 2015 (photo: AFP / Jorge Guerrero)

The result is set to intensify Catalonia’s drive toward independence, despite fierce opposition from Spain’s government under Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. The separatist leaders have vowed to form a new regional government that could lead Catalonia to statehood within 18 months.
The Spanish government immediately rejected the election result. It warned that any breach of the Constitution would be struck down by the courts and could even lead to the suspension of Catalan secessionist politicians from office.
Foreign Minister Jose Manual Garcia Margallo said Catalan citizens would lose their Spanish nationality if their region becomes independent.

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