Spanish PM proposes referendum on greater Catalan autonomy

(VOVWORLD) - Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has proposed holding a referendum in Catalonia on greater autonomy for the wealthy region, but ruled out allowing a vote on independence as Catalan leaders have demanded.

Sanchez didn’t give a date for the proposed vote. Sanchez's minority government, which relies on the support of Catalan separatist parties to pass legislation, has distanced itself from the hardline approach adopted by its conservative predecessor against Catalonia's separatist drive, which sparked a major political crisis.

Sanchez, who since coming to power in June has attempted to defuse tensions over Catalonia's desire for independence by holding talks with Catalonia's separatist president Quim Torra. Polls show that Catalans are divided on the question of independence, but an overwhelming majority back a referendum to settle the question.

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