St. Petersburg bombing: Metro blast a “suicide attack”

(VOVworld) – The St Petersburg metro explosion was caused by a bomb possibly detonated by a man whose body parts were found on the train, said Russia's Investigative Committee spokesperson Svetlana Petrenko on Tuesday. An emergency meeting was held by the Committee’s Chairman Aleksandr Bactrykin following the attack which killed at least 14 and injured 50 people. A larger bomb was found at a nearby station, in Vosstaniya Square but was disarmed. The investigation continues. 
St. Petersburg bombing: Metro blast a “suicide attack” - ảnh 1
The investigation continues at the Technological Institute in St Petersburg (Source: EPA/ VNA)

The blast occurred Tuesday on a train traveling through a tunnel from Sennaya Square to the Technological Institute in St Petersburg. The current suspect is Akbarjon Djalilov, born in 1995, a Kyrgyz national who recently obtained Russian citizenship.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday sent Russian President Vladimir Putin a letter of condolence which strongly condemned this attack.

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