Strengthening management of external information services

Strengthening management of external information services - ảnh 1
The awarding ceremony of the first National External Information Service Awards in 2014 (Source: VNA)

(VOVworld) – The government has issued a decree stipulating principles related to the management of external information services, including the responsibilities of Ministries, Government and State agencies, and provincial-level People’s Committees. The Decree says activities concerning external information services need to comply with Party guidelines and State policies, Laws, international treaties, and legal regulations in other countries. It added that external information services must not jeopardize national security, social order, or public safety; damage the prestige, image, diplomatic relations, or international cooperation of Vietnam; disclose national secrets; incite people against the State or undermine the great national unity; instigate violence or propagandize aggressive war; or sow hatred among nations and peoples. The Decree underlines the need to ensure accurate, timely and in-depth information in line with Party orientations, State law, and approved foreign relations information plans.