Syrian army lays a siege to Al-Qaryatayn town

(VOVWORLD) - Syrian forces have laid a siege to the town of Al-Qaryatayn in the eastern countryside of Homs Province, following its recapture by the IS.
Syrian army lays a siege to Al-Qaryatayn town - ảnh 1 Syrian soldiers in Horms (Photo: AFP/VNA)

Al-Watan daily news reported Saturday that the IS recaptured the town 5 months after the Syrian army gained control. The recapture comes as part of a recent large-scale counter-offensive by the IS in the Syrian desert. Its recent attacks aim to ease the pressure on its fighters in the eastern province of Deir al-Zour, where the army is tightening the noose on the terror group.

On Thursday, IS militants launched an attack and cut off the road to Deir al-Zour, before the army recaptured it on Friday.

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