Tapping the potential of Vietnamese youth

Tapping the potential of Vietnamese youth - ảnh 1
Young people have ardently participated in volunteer movements.

(VOVworld) - Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Nguyen Tien Dinh, said that the Youth Law has revealed shortcomings after it was promulgated 7 years ago and took effect on July 1st, 2006.

Addressing a consultative meeting in Hanoi on Tuesday, Dinh underlined the need to amend and supplement a number of articles to match the development of Vietnam and its young people. The newly adopted Constitution already has many regulations relating to the rights and obligations of citizens, including the youth.

Arthur Erken, chief representative of the UN Population Fund in Vietnam, said that over the years, Vietnam had made a major investment in the young generation. He said: “to best support young people, we need an into-ready set of policies and programs that address the whole people and capacity building to best fulfill that duty. This means no one sector or organization can do what is needed to support young people on their own. Only by working together, across sectors and collaboration with young leaders, can we pave young people successful pathway to adulthood and remove obstacles to their progress.

Nguyen Duy Son, Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh Youth Union, said that the volunteer youth campaign launched by the Union’s Central Committee had developed in recent years. But it needed more policies and regulations to encourage young people to get involved.