The East Sea will be basically stable in the near future

(VOVworld) – Many delegates to the 8th International Conference on the East Sea shared positive views of the situation in the region in the near future. Michael McDevitt, a retired rear admiral of the US Navy and Senior Fellow of the Strategic Studies Program, the US Center for Naval Analyses, told reporters on the sideline of the conference in Nha Trang city that the East Sea situation in the near future will be basically stable.

The East Sea will be basically stable in the near future - ảnh 1
About 200 Vietnamese and foreign scholars attend the conference on Nov 14-15. (photo: VNA)

Associate Professor Nguyen Thi Lan Anh, Deputy Director of the East Sea Maritime Institute of the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, said the ruling of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Philippines’ lawsuit against China’s claims in the East Sea identified disputed areas in the region. The decision opened up the prospect of a peaceful settlement and management of the East Sea within the current rule-based order, and inspired other parties to consider various ways to settle East Sea disputes through peaceful means.

Dr. Vladimir Evseev, Deputy Director of Russia’s Institute of Commonwealth Countries, said any territorial dispute should be resolved by peaceful measures in line with international law. The settlement is not to identify a winner but to build a stable regional security system, he said.