The Intercept releases new documents from Edward Snowden archive

(VOVworld) - The full cache of secret documents from former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden is being opened to journalists and organizations willing to work with the news organization holding the archive.
The Intercept releases new documents from Edward Snowden archive - ảnh 1
Former CIA employee Edward Snowden (Photo: Reuters)
The Intercept, the news site launched by journalist Glenn Greenwald, announced on Monday that it would invite outside journalists, including foreign media outlets, to work with them to explore the full Snowden archive. Greenwald said The Intercept has already begun to provide access to the French daily Le Monde and other media outlets, but the participating journalists must follow certain principles.

The Intercept also released dozens of internal newsletters from the National Security Agency, including one highlighting the secret agency's role in the interrogation of Guantanamo prisoners. The Intercept released 166 copies of the NSA's Signals Intelligence Directorate newsletter, called SIDtoday, with some redactions, and promised to publish more, covering nine years of editions from the archives.