Traditional art shows feature Vietnam’s history in19th century

(VOVWORLD) - Performances featuring Vietnam’s triumphant history in the 19th century were staged on the old platform of Can Chanh palace in the Purple Forbidden City in the Complex of Hue Monuments last week.
Traditional art shows feature Vietnam’s history in19th century - ảnh 1 A performance of Vietnam's sea and island sovereignty (photo: Thuong Hien)

The performances, which were highlight of the on-going Hue Festival, told about national construction, defending of sovereignty and national integrity, and peaceful life in the Nguyen dynasty.

The performances featured 5 cultural heritages in Hue, which were recognized by UNESCO as the world’s heritages of humanity: the Complex of Hue Monuments, Hue Royal Court Music, Wood Blocks of the Nguyen dynasty, Stone Blocks of the Nguyen dynasty, and Literature on Hue’s Royal Architecture.

Hai Trung, Deputy Director of Hue Relics Preservation Center, says: “The performances have good scripts telling Vietnam’s history in the 19th century until now. Hue’s royal and folk arts have been combined to highlight traditional culture and history.”

The audiences understood more about history and admired Vietnam’s traditional art through a harmonious combination of music, singing, dancing, costumes, and sound and visual effects. Tran Thi Thanh is an audience: “The performance has generalized Vietnam’s history in the Nguyen dynasty. It has many chapters to narrate a long historical period of the Nguyen dynasty since initial difficulties to victory and national development. The extravagant performance has many artists and an attractive 3D stage.”

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