UK government splits over Brexit

(VOVWORLD) - British Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab said that the UK will leave the EU without a deal if the EU insists on membership of the customs union of European Economic Area (EEA). 
UK government splits over Brexit  - ảnh 1 British Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab in London on September 9, 2018. (Photo: AFP/VNA)

Speaking at a Conservative conference on Monday, Raab called on EU leaders to “get real” to reach a deal with the UK.

Meanwhile, pro-EU Conservative lawmaker Nicky Morgan said the British parliament would back a Norway-style Brexit deal with a customs union. Three countries currently following the EEA model are Norway, Liechtestein, and Iceland, which are a part of the EU market but have no voice in the process of law and regulation building. 

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