Ukraine approves its parliament

(VOVworld) – Ukraine’s ruling coalition approved a new government on Wednesday, which will be led by Parliament Speaker Vladimir Groysman. Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk tendered his resignation last weekend. The Parliament has agreed on all cabinet members, except for the Health Minister.
Ukraine approves its parliament - ảnh 1
Parliament Speaker Vladimir Groysman is pointed as Ukraine's Prime Minister. (Photo: EPA)

Groysman said compromise has been reached on the Ukrainian government. He expressed his belief that the administration, under his leadership, will stabilize the situation and continue carrying out successful reforms. The Prime Minister and his ministers were formally announced today.

Ukraine fell into a political crisis after members of the parliament accused the government of not having performed effectively but couldn’t vote to dismiss Yatseniuk. This compelled several factions to leave the ruling coalition in the Ukrainian parliament.

In February, President Petro Poroshenko demanded Yatseniuk step down from power as people lost trust in him for his failures in anti-corruption and economic recovery. Poroshenko proposed reshuffling the coalition and forming a new government.

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