Ukrainian government, opposition party reach new breakthrough

Ukrainian government, opposition party reach new breakthrough - ảnh 1
Anti-government demonstrators erect barriers outside Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kiev on January 27th. (Photo: AFP/VNA)

(VOVworld) – The Ukrainian government and opposition leaders have agreed on the revision of the laws adopted on January 16th and the law on amnesty. The consensus was made following Monday’s meeting among Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich and opposition leaders including the leader of the Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform, the leader of nationalist Svoboda or Freedom, and the leader of the Fatherland Party.

Earlier, the Fatherland Party leader, Aerseniy Yatsenyuk had refused the position offered by President Yanukovich.

The Ukrainian President also agreed to revise the constitution and expressed his readiness to set up a special team in charge of changing into the republic regime with Presidential – Parliamentary system.

The head of the judicial sector said the amnesty will take effect if demonstrators free all facilities and roads in which they are occupying. The political decisions have been publicized to replace the controversial laws approved by the parliament on January 16th.