UN General Assembly holds International Day of Vesak celebration

(VOVworld) - The General Assembly of the United Nations held an International Day of Vesak celebration, also known as “Buddha Day", on May 21.

UN General Assembly holds International Day of Vesak celebration - ảnh 1
Celebrating the Buddhist International Day of Vesak in the UN General Assembly.
(Photo: Sri Lankan Mission to the UN)

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, ambassadors, heads of diplomatic corps, monks, and nuns, attended the event. The UN General Assembly ratified a resolution in 1999 to celebrate International Day of Vesak to acknowledge Buddhism’s contributions to people’s religious life and the international community’s effort for peace, cooperation, and development.

Head of the Vietnamese delegation to the UN, Ambassador Nguyen Phuong Nga said Buddhism philosophy has remained valuable at present. The theory on cause and effect, peace, tolerance, equality, and harmony with nature can help the international community find solutions to current challenges such as poverty, discrimination, inequality, conflicts, environmental deterioration, and climate change. Ambassador Nga said Vesak celebration is an opportunity for countries and religions to talk and cooperate for a peaceful world. She said Buddhism has closely associated with Vietnam’s history of construction and defense. Buddhism and other religions have grown harmoniously, contributing to Vietnam’s development and national defense.


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