US, Cuba restart commercial sea travel

(VOVworld) - A US cruise ship docked in Havana on Monday, marking the first time a ship has arrived in Cuba from a US seaport in nearly 40 years. The Adonia ship, run by Carnival, left from Miami Sunday with about 700 passengers aboard.

US, Cuba restart commercial sea travel  - ảnh 1

 Adonia ship (Photo:Reuters)

This move took place only weeks after the historic visit of President Obama to Cuba. Cuba lifted a ban on Cuban-born citizens entering and leaving the Caribbean island by commercial vessels one week before the dock of the Adonia ship. The Adonia ship will set sail for Havana from Miami twice a month, and a ticket for 7-day tour costs 1.800 USD. The two countries reestablished diplomatic relations a year ago and have signed agreements on issues of common concern such as the environment, postal services and direct flights.