US election 2016: Republican Senator rejects Donald Trump

(VOVworld) – US Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine, says she will not vote for Donald Trump in November’s presidential election.

US election 2016: Republican Senator rejects Donald Trump - ảnh 1
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. (Photo: AFP/VNA)

Ms. Collins revealed her decision in an opinion column for The Washington Post published Monday evening, saying that Mr. Trump’s proclivity for bullying and invective has made it impossible for her to support him. She said she believes having Mr. Trump as president would make an already dangerous world even more dangerous.

Ms. Collins is the most senior senator to publicly renounce Mr. Trump, and her message of censure could transmit signals to other Republicans that it is safe to shun the party’s presidential nominee. She is one of the few moderate Republicans remaining in the Senate. Now in her fourth term, Ms. Collins leads the Senate committee that oversees homeland security. Her decision will add additional weight to criticism of Mr. Trump who has strained to win over Maine voters.

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