US imposes sanctions on Russia for election hacking

(VOVworld) - The US has expelled 35 Russian diplomats as punishment for Russia’s alleged interference into last month's US presidential elections. President Barack Obama had vowed action against Russia after evidence surfaced that Russia had directed hacks against the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton's campaign.
US  imposes sanctions on Russia for election hacking - ảnh 1
US President Barack Obama (left) and Russian President Vladimir Putin (right).
(Photo: AFP/ VNA)
The 35 diplomats with Russia’s Washington DC embassy and its consulate in San Francisco,  their families are given 72 hours to leave the US. The US will also close two compounds said to be used for Russian intelligence-gathering.

Russia has denied any involvement and called the decision groundless. Maria Zakharova, spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry said Russia will take retaliatory measures.