US suspends diplomatic relations with Syria

 US suspends diplomatic relations with Syria - ảnh 1
The US asked Syrian regime to immediately suspend all diplomatic missions. Photo: Reuters

(VOVworld)- The US government says it will suspend the activities of Syrian diplomatic missions and consulates in the US. This move retaliates for Syria’s decision to cancel consultation services for Syrians living in the US. In an announcement on Tuesday, the US State Department announced that Syria has to close its Embassy in Washington and honorary consulates in Michigan, and Texas and asked non-American diplomats and citizens to leave before March 31. US State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki said this means Syrian Embassy officials will no longer have diplomatic privileges. The decision does not affect the Syrian representative to the United Nations. Since Ambassador Robert Ford left Syria for security reasons in 2011, the US has not had an ambassador in Syria. Damascus also withdrew its US ambassador in 2011.

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