Venezuela, Iran criticize US's new travel ban

(VOVWORLD) - Venezuela on Monday criticized the White House decision to impose a travel ban against its government officials and their relatives. 
Venezuela, Iran criticize US's new travel ban - ảnh 1 Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (Source: EPA/VNA)

The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that the travel restrictions violate the values of the United Nations charter and international law and are part of a continuing effort by the US to oust Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro from power. Venezuela said it will consider all necessary measures to protect national interests and sovereignty. The same day, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif criticized President Trump for his administration’s new travel ban. On Sunday, Trump extended a travel ban against five mostly Muslim countries including Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Somalia, to include citizens from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Chad, and Venezuela.

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