Venezuela sinks deeper into political crisis

(VOVWORLD) - Venezuela's deep economic and social crisis has taken a dramatic new turn with National Assembly President Juan Guaido declaring himself interim President until a transitional government can be formed and free elections held.
Venezuela sinks deeper into political crisis - ảnh 1

Venezuela sinks deeper into political crisis (Photo: VNA)

Both pro-government forces and those supporting the opposition faction took to the streets to demonstrate.

President Nicolas Maduro said the National Assembly has overstepped its legal framework and law enforcement agencies will take appropriate steps to protect democracy and the rule of law. The Venezuelan army said it does not recognize any self-proclaimed presidents and will defend the constitution and protect national sovereignty.

UN chief Antonio Guterres urged all parties to hold a dialogue and avoid letting the crisis spiral out of control.

The EC, Russia, Cuba, Mexico, Bolivia, and Turkey have refused to recognize the opposition leader Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s acting president.

But the US, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina and the Organization of American States have all recognized self-proclaimed president Guaido. Venezuela announced on Wednesday it will cut diplomatic ties with the US and shut down its embassy and consulates in the US.