Venezuelans march to protest US imperialism

Venezuelans march to protest US imperialism  - ảnh 1
Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro speaks to supporters during a rally against imperialism in Caracas March 12, 2015. Photo: Reuters
(VOVworld) – President Nicolas Maduro  and hundreds of Venezuelans and marched on Thursday in central Caracas to protest against US imperialism and US sanctions against Venezuela. In his address to supporters, President Maduro said that Venezuela would destroy any terrorist plots. In another development, an extraordinary meeting between the Union of South American Nations’ (UNASUR) foreign ministers scheduled for Friday in Montevideo, Uruguay to voice support for Venezuela, has been canceled, said Secretary-General of UNASUR, Ernesto Samper. Samper told a Thursday press briefing in Ecuador’s capital Quitor that the meeting may take place at another venue. UNASUR will analyze President Barack Obama's executive actions, including US sanctions imposed on 7 Venezuelan officials, and his statement that Venezuela is a threat to US security.