Vietnam: a reliable partner of the EU

(VOVworld) – Vietnam and the EU will continue the 12th negotiations on the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) on March 24 in Hanoi. It is scheduled to be the last session heading to negotiation conclusion and agreement signing. Joseph Waldstein Wartenberg, spokesman for the EC’s Trade Office, said Vietnam is a friend and reliable partner of the EU.

Vietnam: a reliable partner of the EU - ảnh 1
Footwear is Vietnam's staple export to Europe

The signing of the Agreement on Partnership and Cooperation and the FTA negotiation are positive signs in bilateral ties. He said the EU and Vietnam will celebrate the 25th anniversary of diplomatic ties this year. The EU pays special attention to enhancing relations with Vietnam, particularly in economics and trade. The signing of the EVFTA in future will boost employment and growth rate in Vietnam and the EU.
Wartenberg said Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies in ASEAN and an outstanding example of an open economy. Vietnam has a young, abundant population and untapped potentials for the EU-Vietnam investment and trade ties. The FTA will be an ambitious and comprehensive agreement on goods, services, investment, and government procurement between the EU and Vietnam.

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