Vietnam asks China to stop causing damages to Vietnamese fishermen

(VOVworld) - According to Vietnamese authorities, since early May, many Vietnamese fishing vessels have been relentlessly followed, intimidated and attacked by Chinese ships in the East Sea. Vietnamese boats have been damaged and more seriously, Chinese forces have threatened, beaten and injured innocent Vietnamese fishermen.

On May 7, fishing vessel QNg TS 96416 and 16 fishermen were fired at by Chinese ship 1241. It used water cannons, hammers, bottles and bolts to attack Vietnamese ships and even cut wires to destroy communications systems.

Vietnam asks China to stop causing damages to Vietnamese fishermen - ảnh 1

Later, another unknown Chinese fishery administration ship crashed into ship 96416, breaking the right railing, glass and entire cabin, causing total damages estimated at VND890 million.

On May 16, fishing vessel 90205 TS QNg during its normal fishing operations near Phu Lam island belonging to Vietnam’s Hoang Sa (Paracel) archipelago was followed and controlled by Chinese ship 306.

Chinese forces smashed up most of the property on board and hit and seriously injured two Vietnamese fishermen aboard the vessel.

On May 17, Vietnamese fishing vessel QNg TS 96011 and 13 fishermen operating in the area 31 nautical miles from Tri Ton island of Vietnam’s Hoang Sa archipelago was contained by Chinese ship 21102 and its property and fishing gear were seized. Damage to the vessel was estimated at VND50 million.

Most recently at 16 hours on May 26, Da Nang’s fishing vessel DNa 90152 TS 10 and its crew were rammed and sunk by Chinese ship 11209. Ten fishermen were rescued and brought safely aboard by Vietnamese fisheries surveillance force.

On May 27, in response to media questions about Vietnam’s reaction to these incidents, Foreign Ministry spokesman Le Hai Binh said, "China’s above actions are a violation of Vietnam’s sovereignty, sovereign rights and jurisdiction in the East Sea, running counter to the spirit of the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the East Sea (DOC), complicating the East Sea situation.

Once again, Vietnam requests China stop its inhumane acts causing damage to life, property and legitimate interests of Vietnamese fishermen, respect international law and provide proper compensation for Vietnamese fishermen.”

The same day, a Foreign Ministry Consular Department representative summoned a Chinese Embassy representative in Hanoi to handover a diplomatic note of protest.