Vietnam attends int’l trade fair in Mozambique

Vietnam attends int’l trade fair in Mozambique - ảnh 1
Mozambique visitors at the Vietnamese pavilion (Source: Vietnamese Embassy in Mozambique)
(VOVworld) - Vietnamese businesses are participating in the ongoing 2015 Maputo International Fair (FACIM) in the Mozambican capital city of Maputo. Taking place from August 31 to September 6, the event has attracted 680 enterprises from 31 countries and territories together with approximately 1,900 domestic businesses.

Vietnam’s pavilion, its first in six years, features a wide range of food items, like rice, dried noodles, coffee, and tea. Some of these products have been sold on a trial basis in the Mozambican market. Mozambique’s businesses have shown an interest in importing electronic devices and construction materials from Vietnam and in forming joint ventures to process wood products and food. The renewed participation of Vietnamese businesses at FACIM shows their interest in accessing sub-Saharan markets in the most dynamic economic region in Africa.