Vietnam Business Forum opens in Canada

(VOVworld)- Canadian businesses were provided with updated information on Vietnam’s investment policies, potential and opportunities for stronger trade links during a Vietnam business forum in Toronto on Thursday.

Vietnam Business Forum opens in Canada - ảnh 1

Co-hosted by the Vietnam-Canada Trade Council, and the Vietnamese Embassy in Canada and Ontario province, the event attracted representatives from Canadian companies and Vietnamese entrepreneurs living in the country. Speaking at the forum, Vietnamese Ambassador To Anh Dung emphasized that it was good time for Canadian firms to enhance cooperation with Vietnamese partners, as the country boasts a 90-million-strong market with skilled, young labour, political stability and open-door policies.
Toronto city Councillor Michael Thompson stressed that Canada considers Vietnam its priority international market, adding that Toronto would work closely with the Canadian Government and Ontario province to build trade links with Vietnam. During the forum, exchanges between leaders from Canadian firms operating in Vietnam such as Manulife, B&H Architechs, Deloitte Canada and Ernst and Young were arranged, contributing to trade cooperation between the two countries’ businesses.