Vietnam, Cambodia mark 33th anniversary of genocidal regime overthrow

A ceremony was held on Saturday in Hanoi to mark the 33th anniversary of the overthrow of Cambodia’s genocidal regime. President of the Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Association Vu Mao said the victory on January 7th 1979 highlighted the just cause and solidarity between the Vietnamese and Cambodia nations, who have time-honored tradition of friendship. On behalf of the Cambodian people, Prime Minister Hunsen expressed his gratitude to the Party, state, army and people of Vietnam for their great support and assistance for Cambodia’s national liberation from the genocidal regime. President of the Cambodia-Vietnam Friendship Organization Men Sam On reiterated Cambodia’s resolve to consolidate and strengthen the neighborliness, traditional friendship and comprehensive cooperation with Vietnam. Attending the ceremony, Vietnamese former voluntary soldier Hoang Ngu, who fought the war in Cambodia, was moved to meet his comrades in arms: “I remember every path we passed every battle we fought, all memories about hard time full of sacrifices. I never forget the close relationship between the army and people of Vietnam and Cambodia. We feel like brothers in one family, which is rarely seen in the world”.

The function was organized by the Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Organization, the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations and the  Vietnam War Veterans’ Association.