Vietnam, Mexico economic cooperation

(VOVworld) – The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) on Monday hosted a meeting between Vietnamese and Mexican businesspeople on bilateral trade and investment.

Vietnam, Mexico economic cooperation - ảnh 1

Both countries have the advantages of geographical location next to the Pacific Ocean, a young population, and skilled work forces.
Nguyen Huu Kien from VCCI’s International Relations Department said both economies share similarities and potential for cooperation: “Vietnamese businesses are interested in the Mexican market.
Businesses in both countries can be assured that VCCI and Mexico’s Embassy will support them to enhance trade and investment and take advantage of each country’s strengths for their mutual development.”

Mexico has signed free trade agreements with 46 countries. The enforcement of TPP will create good conditions for Mexico to engage in free trade with 6 countries, including Vietnam. Export and import revenues between Vietnam and Mexico reached 1.3 billion USD between January and July this year.