Vietnamese, US veteran pilots gather in Hanoi

(VOVWORLD) - Vietnamese and American veteran pilots met for the third time in Hanoi on Wednesday to show their willingness to strengthen bilateral relations. 
Vietnamese, US veteran pilots gather in Hanoi - ảnh 1 Photo: Duong Giang/VNA

Addressing the meeting, Lt. Gen. Nguyen Duc Soat, head of the Vietnamese veteran pilots delegation, called the meeting “historic” and “humane”, saying it shows both sides’ readiness to look forward to the future and build comprehensive cooperation. Charlie Tutt, head of the US delegation, said the US and Vietnamese veteran pilots appreciate, trust, and respect each other more after such meetings. He said more and more veteran pilots from Vietnam and the US are becoming interested in these meetings.

The pilots met for the first time in Hanoi in April, 2010. Their second meeting took place in San Diego, California, in September, 2017.

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