Vietnam’s economy predicted to grow steadily

(VOVworld) – Economists to Friday’s seminar on Vietnam Economic Perspective 2017 in Ho Chi Minh City said Vietnam’s economy for 2017 is likely to continue stable growth.

Vietnam’s economy predicted to grow steadily  - ảnh 1

Vietnam expects stable growth in 2017 (Photo:

But they said Vietnam needs to pay more attention to increasing labor productivity which is lower than many other regional countries and that Ho Chi Minh City should improve its infrastructure to attract more investment.

Delegates urged Vietnam to balance the state budget, settle bad debts, and control inflation.

Nguyen Thi Hong, Deputy Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam, said until next year the monetary policy will be applied properly to suit the developments of domestic and foreign markets.

Hong noted that the bank will continue prioritizing capital for production and controlling lending risks in real estate.

“This year and next year, the State Bank of Vietnam’s monetary policy will aim to control inflation, stabilize the macro-economy and support economic growth. We will pay special attention to stability and safety of the banking system,” Hong added.

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