Vietnam’s sustainable development goals praised

(VOVworld) – National Assembly chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung co-chaired a discussion on incorporating sustainable development goals in the process of disbursement approval and the role of parliaments in national and global supervision as part of the 4th World Conference of Speakers of Parliament in New York. Delegates discussed ways to formulate policies to turn sustainable development goals into national targets and involve more people in this process. National Assembly chairman Hung said Vietnam has completed millennium development goals in poverty reduction and is focusing on sustainable growth. Vietnam has been restructuring its agricultural sector, building new rural areas, and improving the lives of ethnic people and people in mountainous areas. Mr. Hung said: “Parliaments play an important role in budget and resource allocations. Vietnam considers the people the core force and its internal strength the pillar. Vietnam is expanding its international cooperation while safeguarding national independence and sovereignty, ensuring democracy, and responding to climate change. Vietnam’s stance is similar to the UN’s sustainable development goals.”  


Vietnam’s sustainable development goals praised - ảnh 1


Mr. Hung’s presentation was applauded by many delegates who said Vietnam’s experience in implementing sustainable development goals and enhancing the role of the National Assembly is a good lesson for other members of the Inter-parliamentary Union.