VinTech City supports student startups

(VOVWORLD) - VinTech City, an affiliate of Vingroup, on Wednesday introduced a tertiary cooperation program to support job training, study and technology startups. It will fund scientists and students to study and produce valuable products with a high rate of application.
VinTech City supports student startups - ảnh 1 The signing of an MoU on scholarship for ASEAN students between VinTech and the Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology (PTIT)

VinTech Fund is scheduled to sponsor 15 projects worth 500,000 USD each in 2019. Truong Ly Hoang Phi, VinTech City General Director, said: “VinTech City is an ecosystem meant to help technology startups. We expect to provide full support, just as the Silicon Valley model in the US. In the 1st phase, we have surveyed 54 universities and will expand cooperation with still other universities. We’ll help students in training and seeking jobs after graduation. We need competent human resources to join the global value chain.”

VinTech has signed 6 scholarships for students from Southeast Asian countries to study at the Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology.

VinTech will announce a similar program for the central and southern region at a ceremony on May 24th.