World voices concern about military coup in Thailand

(VOVworld) – The international community has voiced concerns about the situation in Thailand after the Thai army seized power in a coup. Ravina Shamdasani, UN Human Rights spokeswoman, said Thursday that the declaration of martial law may be a violation of fundamental freedoms. French President Francois Holland called for an immediate return to constitutional order, emphasizing the importance of respecting the basic rights and freedoms of the Thai people.

World voices concern about military coup in Thailand - ảnh 1
Thai soldiers guard the Army Club in Bangkok where the army chief took control of the government in a coup.

Thai army declared a coup and established a national peace keeping committee to govern the country following the failure of negotiations between opposing forces on Wednesday and Thursday. Thailand's military temporarily suspended the constitution, except some chapters related to Thailand’s King. But the courts and parliament's upper house will continue as usual. The Thai military urged both pro- government and anti-government citizens to immediately return home to restore peace and social order. All television and radio stations were asked to broadcast only military signals. Internet services have also been halted.

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