Yemen warring parties resume direct talks

(VOVworld) - Yemen's warring parties have resumed face-to-face peace talks in Kuwait three days after a walkout by the Yemeni government delegation.

Yemen warring parties resume direct talks  - ảnh 1

UN-brokered peace talks to end 13 months of armed conflict in Yemen opened in Kuwait City on May 4 after a rebel delegation arrived following a three-day delay. (Xinhua/AFP Photo)

It is the second round of face-to-face talks which began on April 21, to end the fighting in Yemen. The two sides agreed that a monitoring committee supervising a ceasefire would launch a fact-finding mission into the Houthi rebels’ control of a military base in Amran province. The UN Special Envoy for Yemen said the committee will submit a report within 72 hours with practical recommendations that all sides pledge to carry out.

The Yemeni government on Monday announced it would halt talks with the Houthis to protest their takeover in Amran province and their violations of the ceasefire.

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