Book collector Vu Kim Dien nurtures interest in reading

(VOVWORLD) - For more than 40 years book collector Vu Kim Dien has maintained a reading habit to enrich his knowledge. He also encourages other people to read books, inspiring their love of reading.  VOV’s Thu Hang reports.
Book collector Vu Kim Dien nurtures interest in reading - ảnh 1Book collector Vu Kim Dien (right). 

Vu Kim Dien is known for his collection of old books in Hanoi. Dien was interested in books of different topics written by Vietnamese and foreign authors: from science, technology to the fine arts. For Dien, books are an endless path of discovery: “I think reading is a noble hobby. When I find an interesting book, I read it over and over again”.

In 1960, Dien started collecting books and opened a used book store on Thuy Khue street in Hanoi. The shop is quire small. The walls are covered with shelves nearly touching the ceiling, with just a narrow aisle in between. It has become a popular destination for Hanoi’s book lovers. Nguyen Van Ngoc, a regular customer, says his passion for reading is inspired by Vu Kim Dien: “The shop has rare books you can’t find in other book stores. I’m interested in collecting old books and I’ve found many books I want here”.

Mr. Dien introduces his customers to books appropriate to their age. Young readers are offered books of Russian and French literature.  Dien says those books depict the beauty of human love and affection: “Young people should read novels, because their minds can easily absorb much information. When you get older, you should read short stories and poems”.

Mr. Dien says that in the IT era, many people have lost the habit of reading printed books, but he has always tried to preserve books and promote reading culture because he thinks books are the door to our dreams.