Businessman Dinh Quang Bao, an outstanding citizen of Hanoi

(VOVworld) – Businessman Dinh Quang Bao, founder of the well-known Ladoda brand, has been honored as one of nine outstanding citizens of Hanoi. He is currently the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ladoda Production, Services and Trade limited company, and Chairman of Hanoi’s Leather and Footwear Association.
Businessman Dinh Quang Bao, an outstanding citizen of Hanoi  - ảnh 1
Businessman Dinh Quang Bao at a manufacturing factory in Hung Yen
In 1992, Mr. Bao of Gia Lam district, Hanoi, established Ladoda company, specializing in leather products. Over 24 years, under his management, the Ladoda company has grown to employ 300 sales agents nationwide. The company’s products have been recognized as high-quality Vietnamese goods for 20 consecutive years. Ladoda’s leather bags are used at international conferences and workshops in Vietnam. Businessman Dinh Quang Bao said: “Quality is vital for our business. All companies should bear in mind that they must create high-quality products in order to gain the trust of consumers”.

Chairman Bao has taken good care of the workers who make the products. The company has approximately 500 workers who earn about 300 USD per month. The company pays bonuses for high productivity, builds houses for disadvantaged workers, and grows vegetables and raises cattle to provide good, safe food for the workers. The company donates around 22,000 USD to charity every year. Ms. Dinh Thanh Ha, Chairwoman of Ladoda’s trade union, said: “I have worked at this company for 23 years. The staff are extremely close and help one another. Mr. Bao always takes good care of us and is active in social work”.

The Ladoda company has invested a lot in advanced technologies imported from Chinese Taipei and Japan to improve product quality. The company’s product styles are frequently updated in response to consumers’ changing tastes. Ms. Duong Quynh Nga has worked for Ladoda for more than 20 years: “Under Mr. Bao’s management, Ladoda has grown steadily. He is very thoughtful to the staff. Female salaries are 5 percent higher than male salaries. The company also provides us with accommodation and childcare”.

Businessman Dinh Quang Bao is awarded the third-class Labor Order by the President and a certificate of merit by Hanoi’s People’s Committee for his great contribution to Vietnam’s leather and footwear sector. 

At the age of 80, he remains dedicated to his work to help develop Vietnam.