Celebrated artisan promotes Vietnamese kites to the world

(VOVWORLD) - Ba Duong Noi village in Hanoi’s Dan Phuong district is known for its beautifully crafted kites with wooden flutes attached. Emeritus artisan Nguyen Huu Kiem has helped preserve the village’s kite making craft and promote Vietnamese kites to the world.

Celebrated artisan promotes Vietnamese kites to the world - ảnh 1

Kiem was born into a family with a kite-making tradition. Growing up listening to the melody of flute kites, he soon developed a great passion for making kites. Kiem was given the title of Folk Artisan in 2005 and Emeritus Artisan in 2015. Mr. Kiem told VOV: “In 2004, I started the Hong Ha Kite Club, which has now grown from 15 members to 30. I was a member of the organizing board of the kite flying festival to celebrate the 1,000th Thang Long–Hanoi anniversary in 2010. I also took part in the International Kite Festival in Vung Tau city several times. We established the Vietnamese Kite Cultural Heritage Conservation Centre. I hope that kite-flying will soon be recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage”.

Mr. Phan Van Ha, Head of Ba Duong Noi village’s Heritage Management Board, said: “Artisan Kiem has greatly contributed to preserving the kite-making craft. He has attended international festivals in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and France where he promoted Vietnamese kite-flying”.

Celebrated artisan promotes Vietnamese kites to the world - ảnh 2

Ba Duong Noi kites are unlike those of other areas. They fly higher and emit the marvelous sounds of bamboo flutes, according Mr. Kiem.

“I have taken part in kite festivals in many countries and found Vietnam’s flute kites to be unique. The bamboo flutes attached to the kites create beautiful sounds like a choir,” he said.