Disabled woman establishes first audio library for the blind

(VOVWORLD) - Nguyen Huong Duong, the founder of the first audio library for the blind, has passed away at the age of 47 due to an accident. She was a shining example of an energetic woman who overcame misfortune to lead a meaningful life. 
Disabled woman establishes first audio library for the blind - ảnh 1

Nguyen Huong Duong is the founder of the first audio library for the blind

(Photo: nld.com.vn)

A traffic accident deprived Duong of two limbs when she was 25. She felt she had lost everything. Eventually, however, she emerged from the darkness and found a new life in volunteer activities. Ms. Nguyen The Thanh, Deputy Head of Ho Chi Minh City’s Department of Culture, and Information, said: “At first I thought she would never recover from her great physical and emotional loss. But, she overcame her misfortune to become a role model and an inspiration to many disabled children”.

Nguyen Huong Duong was the director of Audio Books for the Blind. She has inspired many visually-impaired people over the past 20 years. Books containing inspirational stories and life lessons are delivered to the blind through the audio library. Ms. Pham Phuong Thao, former Secretary of Ho Chi Minh City’s Youth Union, talked about Duong’s contribution: “Duong devoted her best effort to maintaining and developing the library. Despite brevity of her life, she left behind a lot for the younger generation”.

Over the years, Duong’s audio library has brought hope to many blind people. Her scholarships have helped disabled people develop confidence. Le Tan Tung of Tan Phu district, Ho Chi Minh City, said the audio library has been a regular destination for many visually impaired people.

“Duong devoted her life to social work. Thanks to her, we have better access to information that helps us integrate into society,” Dung added.

Working with Huong Duong at the Association for the Support of Vietnamese Handicapped and Orphans, artist Kim Cuong called her a spiritual support and an enthusiastic friend to the disabled.

“We feel lost now that Duong has passed away. Many disabled children have been encouraged by her to strive in life”, she said.