Distinguished businesswoman sets shining example of patriotism

(VOVWORLD) - Hoang Thi Minh Ho, wife of patriotic businessman Trinh Van Bo, passed away on November 5 at 104, was a great patriotic spirit, dedicated to the nation. 
Distinguished businesswoman sets shining example of patriotism - ảnh 1

Hoang Thi Minh Ho was born in the capital city to a Confucian scholar and wealthy merchant in the early 20th century. Her husband, Trinh Van Bo, was the son of Trinh Phuc Loi, also a well-known merchant.

In 1932, Trinh Van Bo married Hoang Thi Minh Ho. Together, they leveraged their inherited silk store to even greater prosperity. The couple showed great generosity to disadvantaged people and they were totally dedicated to the revolution.

Responding to a Gold Week launched by the government in the early days of the 1945 August Revolution, they donated more than 5,000 tael of gold equivalent to more than 8 million USD at the current rate and mobilized another 1,000 tael of gold from other businesses in Hanoi.  During the catastrophic famine of 1945, Ho’s family donated money and delivered porridge to starving people on the streets.

90-year-old Dinh Quang Thieu of Dong Da district, Hanoi, recalled: “At that time, we had absolute confidence in President Ho Chi Minh. Everyone voluntarily responded to his appeal to contribute to the revolution. Ho’s family’s generous donations showed their patriotism and devotion to the nation”.  

During the struggle against the French colonialists, Ho and Bo received a delegation from the interim Government, who travelled from the Viet Bac military base to their house at 48 Hang Ngang street, Hanoi, to lead the 1945 Revolution. At that time, the couple did not know the delegation, which included President Ho Chi Minh and several senior officials of the Government. In this house, President Ho Chi Minh wrote the Declaration of Independence establishing the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. Later, Ho and her husband donated the house to the government as a historical relic site.

Nguyen Xuan Ha, Ho’s daughter in law, said: “For my mom, money is not too important. She said giving creates happiness”.

Mr. Trinh Van Bo passed away in 1988. Bo and his wife were awarded the Order of Independence, first class, by the State.

A street in Cau Giay District, Hanoi, will be named for Trinh Van Bo.