Farmer pioneers intercrop model

(VOVWORLD) - In recent years, the idea of cropping a fruit orchard into a coffee plantation has proved lucrative in Chu Prong district, Gia Lai province. Cao Van Nguyen was the first farmer to apply this model in Ia Phin commune. 

Farmer pioneers intercrop model  - ảnh 1Cao Van Nguyen and his avocado plantation. (Photo: Cong Bac) 

Nguyen’s income has risen significantly thanks to intercropping avocado trees into his coffee plantation. The coffee is shaded by the avocado trees, so it helps save irrigation water and prevent drought. Nguyen earns around 86,000 USD per year from his 5-hectare farm.

“I started this model in 2006 with a few dozen avocado trees. When I discovered that it produced a good income, I decided to expand it. If the trees grow well, I can earn around 1,300 USD per tree in one year,” Nguyen said.

To avocado trees, Nguyen has recently added durian trees, which he hopes will produce a revenue of around 430 USD per tree.

Intercropping has now become popular in Chu Prong district. Mr. Nguyen Ho planted durian trees on 1 hectare of coffee, and they now bring in nearly 13,000 USD per year. Mr. Ho said: “At first, I grew only coffee trees but it did not produce much profit. Many households are now practising intercropping to boost their income”.

Ngo Anh Tuan, another farmer in Ia Phin commune, told VOV: “The area intercropping avocado, durian, and coffee has been expanded to 278 hectares, generating an average revenue of about 34,000 USD per hectare. Each farming household has an income of at least 4,000 to 8,000 USD a year”.

Farmer pioneers intercrop model  - ảnh 2(Photo: Cong Bac )

To encourage this model, local authorities teach farmers new cultivation techniques and give them loans to purchase high-quality seeds. Nguyen Anh Dung, Chairman of Chu Prong district’s People’s Committee, said: “We give farmers loans to buy seeds and upgrade their farm. This model is efficient, as it produces multiple agricultural products on the same plot of land”.

The Central Highlands has a great potential for growing fruits such as avocadoes. The intercropping model pioneered by Cao Van Nguyen has made a strong contribution to agricultural restructuring and sustainable development in the area.