Hanoi farmer invents all-purpose farm machine

(VOVWORLD) - With no special training, Ta Dinh Huy, a farmer in Chuong My district, Hanoi, has invented a 15-function farm machine which saves labor and boosts productivity. 
Hanoi farmer invents all-purpose farm machine - ảnh 1Ta Dinh Huy and his multi-function machine. (Photo: VOV) 

Ta Dinh Huy was born in 1982. He had to give up his dream of higher education following the death of his father, the breadwinner of his family. After high school, Huy learned to repair motorbikes and opened a workshop at home. He was keen on machines and wanted to manufacture a machine which could reduce the workload of farmers in the rice fields.

Huy said: “I’m passionate about machinery. At first, I produced machines for to transportation. Then I thought about farm machines. I’m a farmer, so I know how hard farm work is”.

Huy spent time travelling to many other localities to learn about their machines and to watch farmers working in the fields. In 2005, he produced his first multi-function machine, which could till the soil, spray pesticide and pump water. But Huy soon realized that the first version of his machine was crude, bulky, and awkward-looking, and left much room for improvement. In 2014, he manufactured an 8-in-1 farm machine and won first prize at the Inventors Awards. Huy recently added 7 more functions to the machine, making it popular across Vietnam.

“My newest machine ploughs, makes furrows, applies biological fertilizer, and harvests. The machine is compatible with different cultivation methods and work in all terrain conditions.  It can do the work of 20 people. The all-purpose machine is now available in all 63 cities and provinces of Vietnam and is exported to Laos and Cambodia,” Huy said.

Huy’s farm machines are available in several models with prices ranging from 260 to 860 USD, affordable to most farmers.

His workshop employs dozens of people. Huy said: “I set up a machine manufacturing company and have 20 employees working on design, assembling, and welding. I also employ 4 disabled people for office work and sales”.

In 2017, Huy received the Prime Minister’s certificate of merit and was honored as one of 10 outstanding citizens of Hanoi.