Nguyen Hoang Nam and inventions for farmers

(VOVworld) – With no formal mechanical training, only diligence and creativity, Nguyen Hoang Nam of Tra Vinh province, has invented several pieces of technical equipment for farmers. His electronic and mechanical innovations are really practical and useful for agricultural production.
Nguyen Hoang Nam and inventions for farmers - ảnh 1
Nguyen Hoang Nam and his robot vacuum.
A multi-functional machine and a robot vacuum designed to clean sewage lines received two patents and won Nguyen Hoang Nam the second and third prize at a Technical Innovation Contest in Tra Vinh province. Nam’s invention creeps through sewer sections sucking out clogged sewage. The robot uses hydraulic power, not electricity, so it can be operated safely in water. It is already being used by a number of enterprises. Mr. Nam said: “The robot can do the work of 6 or 7 people. It is unsafe for workers to crawl into drains to dredge the sewage. With the robot, the workers just need to operate it and then take the waste away”.

Nam has also invented electricity-saving equipment for aquaculture which is inexpensive, easy to use, and can reduce power consumption by 50 percent. Mr. Mai Dung Tien, Vice Chairman of the Farmers’ Association in Duyen Hai district, Tra Vinh province, said: “Many locals here are involved in aquaculture, and their equipment has often led to overloads and power outages. Thanks to Nam’s invention, considerable electricity is now being saved, increasing economic efficiency and reducing poverty in the area”.

For shrimp breeders, it’s important to have a clean pond. To kill harmful aquatic species, shrimp breeders have often used a plant called derris elliptica benth. But collecting the plants by hand breaks their roots. Nam has invented a machine that collects derris elliptica benth less destructively. Le Van Minh is a farmer in Hiep My commune: “It’s a very useful invention. It reduces over workload and is very easy to use”.

Tra Vinh province’s Department of Science and Technology helped Nam register a patent and arranged a loan of 13,000 USD to help him develop his invention. Mr. Le Van Truyen of Tra Vinh province’s Department of Science and Technology said: “Nam is hard-working and has a great passion for technological invention. In addition to his robot vacuum, Nam has invented equipment to reduce electricity overloads, and power consumption for aquaculture. His inventions are very practical”.

Nguyen Hoang Nam and inventions for farmers - ảnh 2
Nguyen Hoang Nam and the wind power equipment.

Nam continues to work on new inventions. He is close to completing a design for a smart home built with lighter material on unstable land. He is also working on equipment that uses wind energy and recycles waste water.