Outstanding farmer Thach Em

(VOVworld) – People in Tra Vinh province, particularly farmers, have responded positively to the movement to follow President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example. Their practical activities have contributed significantly to the province’s development. Thach Em of Hoa Tan commune, Cau Ke district, is a case in point.



Outstanding farmer Thach Em - ảnh 1



Thach Em of Khmer ethnicity has been pursuing a passion for reading and collecting stories about President Ho Chi Minh, whose moral example and ideology have influenced his thinking and actions. He always tells himself to do as many good deeds as possible to help people in need. As President of Hoa Tan commune’s Red Cross for the past 10 years, he has proposed many initiatives for mutual assistance in the community. Despite his farm work, he devotes much of his time to humanitarian and Red Cross activities in which he finds joyment and happiness. Thach Em says: “Charity work means a lot to me. I do what I can to help people in need.”

Every year Thach Em mobilizes people to donate approximately 1,500 USD to help 6-10 lonely seniors and victims of Agent Orange/dioxin. His charity rice initiative provides half a ton of rice for charity meals at the Cau Ke district General Hospital. Since the start of the year he has raised more than 30,000 USD to help poor people. His kindness has inspired many others to follow suit. Tran Thi Lan said: “Many people have made donations to social welfare and to helping poor students continue their schooling.”

Thach Em has also been active in the local movement to develop the economy. He has been a pioneer in growing coconuts and seedless lemons. To implement this model, he studied at the Ho Chi Minh city Plant Research Institute and Tra Vinh province’s Science and Technology Department. After 3 years, his first harvest earned him 30,000 USD. Thach Em said he is eager to share his experience to help other households improve their income: “I always remember President Ho Chi Minh’s admonition to care for others. People’s improved living conditions will guarantee social security.”

Despite his age and poor health, Thach Em continues to be involved in local social and economic activities, contributing significantly to the movement to follow President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example.