People’s Artist Tue Minh, a great name of Vietnamese revolutionary cinema

(VOVWORLD) - Tue Minh has been one of the greatest names of Vietnamese revolutionary cinema since the 1970s. She was a founder of the Vietnam Cinematography Association and a member of the Vietnam Stage Artists Association.
People’s Artist Tue Minh, a great name of Vietnamese revolutionary cinema - ảnh 1

People’s Artist Tue Minh and her husband, who was writer and composer Nguyen Dinh Thi (Photo:

Tue Minh was born in 1938 into an intellectual family in Hanoi.  She started working for Vietnam’s central art troupe at the age of 15, performing in plays, Cheo opera, and dancing. Minh was among the first generation students of Vietnam’s revolutionary cinema from 1959 to 1962.

Playwright Trinh Thanh Nha said Minh’s creativity and flexibility enabled her to perform well in different roles: “Tue Minh’s first role won her a prize, her acting talent was so special. Minh’s put powerful feelings into each of her roles. When she played even a small role, appearing just for a moment, it still left a profound impression on the audience”.

Tue Minh was famous for a series of popular feature films, including “The First Day of Fall”, “Parallel 17 Days and Nights”, “The Holly Day”, “Mr. and Mrs. Luc”, and many others. She was also known for her acting in plays, such as the role of “Phuong” in “Revolution” by Nguyen Khai, as well as for her talent in movie voice-overs.

Tue Minh participated in many radio shows on Voice of Vietnam including “Night Stories”, and “Children’s Stories”. Emeritus artist Minh Chau used to work with Minh: “Tue Minh had an expressive voice, which made her performance more moving, especially when she was on stage. Minh successfully conveyed the emotions of each character through her mesmerizing voice”.

Tue Minh passed away on February 24 at the age of 80. Her great contribution to cinema art was recognized by the State with the title “People’s Artist”, conferred in 2016.