Senior Lieutenant Tran Anh Tuan, wholehearted for visually impaired children

(VOVworld) – Understanding the disadvantages of visually-impaired children, Senior Lieutenant Tran Anh Tuan of the University of Fire Fighting and Prevention teaches music to the children at Nguyen Dinh Chieu School, a special school for visually impaired students, with the hope that music will give those students a happier life.
Senior Lieutenant Tran Anh Tuan, wholehearted for visually impaired children - ảnh 1
Senior Lieutenant Tran Anh Tuan teaches visually impaired children how to play the guitar. (Photo:
The sound of music resounds every Friday afternoon from a music class at Nguyen Dinh Chieu school taught by Tran Anh Tuan. Tuan says he got the idea of teaching music to visually-impaired students during charity trips. Tuan has participated in a number of charity programs for disabled and disadvantaged children. During a charity trip to Nguyen Dinh Chieu School, Ms. Do Thuy, the school’s deputy head, invited Tuan to teach music to the school’s students. Tuan has been a music teacher ever since: “It is hard work because the students’ vision is limited, but they are very eager to learn. I integrate games into the lessons to make the students more excited. I am very happy because the class is educational play that the students can take part in”.

It is hard for Tuan to teach visually-impaired students how to play the guitar. Tuan has to close his eyes and put himself in the students’ shoes and absorb things by hearing them, just like his students. Tran Trung Hieu has been in Tuan’s class from the beginning: “Mr. Tuan is so enthusiastic. Now I can play a number of songs. I feel this life is happy and beautiful when I listen to the sound of the guitar. I had difficulty at first, but Mr. Tuan encouraged me to continue. I hope he will keep teaching this class, so more students can learn to play a musical instrument”.

Beside teaching visually-impaired children to play the guitar, Tuan has also brought guitarists to play for poor patients at several hospitals in Hanoi, to make them feel better. Tuan says he will continue the guitar class and hopes other volunteers will join him in bringing music to visually-impaired children and disadvantaged patients. Tuan told VOV: “I hope that in the future some of the students can earn a living from their music ability. This idea encourages me to teach them. Somebody has to help ease the students’ difficulties”.